About us - Our Story!

Many businesses start with a personal problem.  Vice props is no different.

I always loved the idea of making captivating film.  Skits, pranks, educational videos, you name it.  The way we tell a story via video profoundly effects the way we live.

When it comes to fake prop money, we couldn't find businesses that delivered to the quality we needed.  After being frustrated with a lot of our competitors products, we decided to create our own.

Thus, Vice Props was born.

We're a little bit different than our giant competitors.  We are very personal with our customers and sponsorship partners.

I hope that you can enjoy our prop money and tell us about how much fun it made your videos or pranks.  Please reach out to us at admin@viceprops.com and tell us your story!!

P.S  You can make money with us as an affiliate.  Please email us to ask about our affiliate program!